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Ben Budden Portrait

Welcome to the new website, after of couple of months of experimentation and developing I can finally say this website is 99% finished.

Developing my own site from bottom up, meant I was able to use trial and error as my main creative process. As any designer can understand, being able to use trial and error and not being constricted to a commercial timeline is a blessing. Throughout the development process I have managed to tailor my skills a bit more within the world of web development.

I will be using this site as a main port for my creative output, from personal commercial projects to my own design experiments. My work showcases a variety of forms from photography, branding, print graphics and web design. In the ever-changing digital creative world having the ability to provide a variety of on-line and off-line services to a client is an important factor of being a modern graphic designer. To have a broad skill set gives any designer the fundamental understanding of today’s commercial world.

I hope everyone finds the site easy to use and enjoys some of the work I have produced over the years. If you would like to get in touch contact me at


© 2016 Ben Budden Design & Art Direction

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